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The Controle System

Uni  620 LED panel processor represents the latest proprietary LED control technology of XXLLED. Comparing with its earlier version Uni  600 of the same generation, Uni 620 has 19bit processing, 12bit color HDMI input and 3D support based on VESA standard. Meanwhile, Uni 620 carries forward all the good features of proprietary control system such as gigabyte Ethernet communication with optional fiber optical communication, full-data redundancy with dual processor backup option, down sampling processing with  Radiant calibration system support with built-in calibration storage on every single LED tile and etc. Each  control system is capable to provide output to a full HD resolution LED display and to manage 16 different types of XXLLED LED screens at the same time.

Before the technology

Real pixel composition

After the technology

Virtual pixel composition

XXLLED Virtual pixel composition

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