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Outdoor Series

Outdoor series: an intelligent, stable and environmental friendly product for outdoor advertising application.


Outdoor series created a new era of the enclosed module. As one of XXLLED hit products, the outdoor series has evolved through 4th generation. With enclosed-module design, light-weight panel, double-sided service and customized sub-frame for standard billboard, the standard outdoor serie product can make outdoor installation both easy and fast. Moreover, XXLLED scientific-level calibration system guarantees color and brightness consistency of the screen.

 It is air-conditioner-free available and ensures the screen an outstanding flatness after years of using. It also supports the XXLLED NOC diagnostic system and 10-year brightness warranty. Outdoor series can be the best choice for outdoor adverting application.



· Enclosed modules and simple chassis instead of traditional cabinet get less faulty rate and panel weight. 

· Front and rear service available, customized sub-frame ensures fast service and installation.

· Lower power consumption: 100w/m2 average power consumption by selected LED.

  a simpler structure, less total cost, wider adaptability and more environmental friendly.

· NOC diagnostic system for outdoor series, all the status of the displays in control.

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