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Perimeter Led Display

Football courts, Outdoor stadiums,Advertising operators, Commercial adverting agent, Stadium, leasing engineering.

With high refresh rate in excess of 2000Hz and high-brightness, Our Perimeter series can satisfy the live broadcast and high definition photography constantly without shadow and flicker.

The cabinets are equipped with unique standing brackets.Nearly a half-a-meter channel will be formed quickly once you loosened the eccentric hook and held the handle easily rotate 90°. Likewise, rotation of two panels can form a channel of nearly a meter

The module masks and rubber gasket effectively prevent athletes from being injured by unexpected bump and hit.

The panel is ultra slim and light and looks stunning and splendid with a curvy figure. In addition, minimal use of wiring and the innovative application of cable cluster contribute to an ordered, clean and tidy cabinet.14.2% thinner and 13.3% lighter than the traditional cabinets.

It totally meets UEFA stadium standard requirement, TUV-EMC certificated, widely used in different sport events.

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